• MARY K YOUNG, Partner, Zeughauser Group, Washington D.C.
    Moving the Global Law Firm Through a Challenging Economy: Focus on Strategy
  • DAVID SYED, Senior Partner - Europe, Orrick, Paris
    Changing Supply & Demand for Global Legal Services: The Multi-polar Dynamic
  • JOHN H. STOUT, Partner, Fredrikson & Byron, Minneapolis
    The Fulfilled International Lawyer: Advice for a Successful Career
  • ADAM SMITH, General Counsel, EADS Defence & Security, Munich
    Laws are Local: How Can Corporate Legal Services Become More Global?
  • HELENA SAMAHA, General Counsel EMEA, AlixPartners, Paris
    Transcending Legal Expertise to Get to the Heart of Serving Global Clients
  • THOMAS J. SABATINO, Jr., Executive Vice President & General Counsel, Schering-Plough Corporation, New Jersey
    Musical Chairs: How Today’s General Counsel Earns a Seat at the Top Executive Table
  • NORM RUBENSTEIN, Partner, Zeughauser Group, Washington D.C.
    The Key to Credible International Branding
  • JOLENE OVERBECK, Chief Marketing Officer, DLA Piper, New York City
    Moving the Global Law Firm Through a Challenging Economy: Focus on Strategy
  • MICHAEL O’NEILL, SVP and General Counsel, Lenovo Corporation, Washington D.C.
    Fit for Global: Operating Tenets for the General Counsel
  • MARY MULLALLY, Head of Networks, Practical Law Company, London
    How Corporate Counsel in the UK and Europe are Changing, and the Key Elements of Success
  • DEBORAH MCMURRAY, CEO and Strategy Architect, Content Pilot LLC, Dallas
    LAW FIRM 4.0: Considerations for the Global Law Firm in 2020
  • CHRIS MARSHALL, Pro Bono & Community Manager, Reed Smith and Chair, Board of Trustees, Advocates for International Development, London
    International Pro Bono – Broadening our Geographical Reach
  • BRUCE MacEWEN, Founder, “Adam Smith Esq.,”, New York City
    Re-thinking Your Global Strategy: Geography, Talent and Management
  • DESPINA KARTSON, Chief Marketing Officer, Latham & Watkins LLP, New York City
    The Role of Law Firm Values in Successful Global Expansion
  • PETER KALIS, Chairman and Global Managing Partner, K&L Gates LLP, New York City
    The Signature Legal Challenge of the 21st Century
  • ALAN JENKINS, Chairman, Eversheds LLP, London
    Understanding the Importance of Culture in Managing a Global Law Firm
  • FADI HAMMADEH, General Counsel, Dubai Properties Group, Dubai
    The Regulatory Pendulum Worldwide: Where are we Headed?
  • ANN LEE GIBSON, Ann Lee Gibson Consulting, West Plains, Missouri
    Feels Like 1990 All Over Again: Law Firm Economic Cycles
  • TIM S. GLASSETT, Former General Counsel, Hilton Hotels Corporation, Beverly Hills, CA
    Building and Motivating a High-Performing Global Legal Team
  • ROSS FISHMAN, CEO, Fishman Marketing, Highland Park, Illinois
    Focus: The Benefits of a Narrow Scope in the Face of Global Opportunity
  • JAN EIJSBOUTS, former General Counsel, Akzo Nobel, Amsterdam
  • E. LEIGH DANCE, President, ELD International, Inc., New York and Rome
    Introduction and European Counsel Must Improve Compliance
  • BRUNO COVA, Partner, Paul Hastings, Milan
    Reflections on Moving Inside to Outside, and European Counsel Must Improve Compliance
  • JEFFREY CARR General Counsel, FMC Technologies, Houston
    Building a Better Legal Service Delivery System
  • PETER J. BESHAR EVP and General Counsel, Marsh & McLennan Companies, New York City
    Living Through a Corporate Crisis and Preparing for What Might Come Next
  • DEREK BENTON Director of International Operations, Lexis-Nexis Martindale-Hubbell, London
    Lawyers Network Differently as the World Grows Flatter

Adam Smith, Esq Readership

"Adam Smith, Esq." the website and blog founded and published by Bruce MacEwen, provides an occasional profile of its readers on the Adam Smith, Esq. site.  In Feb 2009 Adam Smith, Esq. posted the following information at www.AdamSmithEsq.com  :

  • 73% of “Adam Smith, Esq.” readers are in the US, 27% of them are not.
  • The leading non-US countries, in order of readership, are the UK, Canada, Australia, and Hong Kong. After that it's anyone's bet, including one Adam Smith, Esq. reader (self-reported) in Kazakhstan.
  • About 30% of Adam Smith, Esq. readers are in the AmLaw 100.
  • About 55% of Adam Smith, Esq. readers are in the AmLaw 200.
  • General counsel are a minute readership: < 1%.
  • Most of the rest of the Adam Smith, Esq. readers are:
    • Staff or other "non-lawyers" in law firms,
    • law professors,
    • law students,
    • the media, and
    • "non-law."
  • About 30% of Adam Smith, Esq. readers are associates.
  • About 22% of Adam Smith, Esq. readers are partners (and compare those proportions to the real world: "Adam Smith, Esq." skews towards partners).
  • Among partners, a disproportionate percentage of Adam Smith, Esq. readres are on the management/executive committee
  • Among people on the management/executive committee, a disproportionate percentage of Adam Smith, Esq. readers are managing partners.

A few other facts provided by Bruce MacEwen about the "Adam Smith, Esq." profile:

  • Bruce MacEwen started the Adam Smith, Esq. site at the very end of 2003.
  • There are now nearly 1,000 articles (you'll hear about it when we hit that milestone).
  • MacEwen writes every single word himself--with the obvious exception of guest columns, “which you can count on the fingers of one hand.”
  • Site traffic is about a third of a million page-views per month: A recent low might be 310,000, and a recent high might be 360,000, but a third of a million seems a fair approximation.
  • About 3,000 of Adam Smith, Esq. readers subscribe to the monthly email newsletter.

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